Rod & Nav talk a little bit about the last 6 months leading up to this first episode. Nav also interrogates Rod about the branding for "Visit Oslo" - where the people voted on the final logo


It's all about the money

Rod gives Nav the lowdown on the hype about the new Norwegian banknotes — did you know the two sides of these notes were designed by different design groups? They also talk about the voting process, the theme and more …

Also, Nav just got back from Boracay in Philippines and Yangon in Myanmar. His two recommendations — chilled San Miguel beer on the beach in Boracay at sunset and Biryani in central Yangon!

Stuff from the chat:

That view is quite harsh I'd say …

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Image Above: Boracay beach

A quick video of a boat ride over the Twante river near Yangon in Malaysia. This makes for a half day trip outside Yangon — a good way to get out of the city and meet the super friendly people living in the villages.

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